It happened.

The new website format/design has been applied to

So, as anticipated our basic “copy & paste” method no longer works as before. Also, clicking old URLs saved in a spreadsheet (e.g. when checking if two entries are duplicates) gives us “404 page not found” errors.

The intention was that our method could be replicated by others with similarly basic spreadsheet skills – thereby allowing other ‘ordinary folk’ to check things for themselves and not have to take the expert or official word for things.

But perhaps…

  • a more adept spreadsheet user will soon figure out how to paste RIP notices into a sheet in a usable format and tell us how, or
  • some of the more computer-savvy people we are talking with will come up with something, or
  • there are other as yet unconsidered solutions?

In the meantime we will finish off the counties we have the data for and hope this is not the end of our project.

But if it is, we can only hope our work to date has helped the growing grass-roots efforts to highlight the change in death patterns of recent years and the media and official silence on the matter.

A silence which stands in stark contrast to their incessant clamouring about the numbers (they claimed) were dying early in the pandemic.

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