I wasn’t going to blog, but…

… the other night I experienced the impending new site design, briefly, while they were testing it. Here’s what I noticed.

The new search form seemed not to welcome typed entries into the date fields. Rather, clicking of the calendar icon and arrows seemed to be required. Tedious for our purposes.

Results were still created 40 rows at a time but with new spacing. So the results took up more screen space and more scrolling was needed to reach the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ links at the bottom.

Worst of all though… while selection and copying of the results was still possible, pasting into a Calc sheet did not auto-create 40 rows of data. Instead, all 40 rows (each containing 4 columns) ended up in just one cell and experimentation with CSV importing didn’t resolve the issues sufficiently to allow us use our Method as normal.

So, unless a work around can be found, or the new platform behaves differently from what I experienced that night, we might be unable to update our existing counties beyond May 2023. Or add others as we had hoped.1Aiming to replicate our Method across the 26 counties of the Republic.

If that is the case, we can only hope our work to date can still help the efforts to highlight the change in death patterns in recent years and the media and official silence on the matter – which stands in stark contrast to their incessant clamouring about deaths and (apparent) desire to save lives early in the pandemic.

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    Aiming to replicate our Method across the 26 counties of the Republic.

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