CSO admits excess deaths and endorses but…

Kilkenny accountant Patrick E. Walsh continues his sleuthing.

His most recent exploration of the October 4th Central Statistics Office (CSO) publication suggests ‘Official Ireland’ could be angling to ‘disappear’ the growing proportion of our people that are dying.

“The CSO has indirectly confirmed excess mortality rates in a recent publication and come up with a way to ‘hide’ current and future excess death rates…

It was issued quietly and ties in with the lies and half truths put forward by ‘Official Ireland’ in response to questions put to a TD about the extraordinary rate of excess mortality in Ireland…

I realise this is long and at times complicated but please stick with it as I believe this is vitally important in understanding how ‘Official Ireland’ is going to ‘disappear’ excess mortality in the coming years while not actually directly acknowledging what is going on at the moment…”

Patrick E. Walsh

Worth reading in full.

He also discussed what he found (and gave us a shout out – thanks Patrick!) with Gerry O’Neill a few days ago: